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  Political systems inside community car



:: Analysis of the systems
The spark for this project was the the frase “the Multipla is a democratic car. All the seats have the same size.”, said in a Fiat speech at IDII. It generated some questions in our mind:

What makes the community car democratic?
Are the other political relations possible in the democratic designed space?
How inspiring political design approach can be for designers?

We decided to start analyzing the relations of control, power and access inside the car as political systems. Trying to make more evident that the design of the devices inside the car underline the hierarchy and the behavior of people.

The first step was analyze the main political systems by criteria that have a parallel in the car interior: power decision, ownership, election and burocracy. This table can be seen here.

Then we looked at the current car system according to the devices, what they control and how many people use them:

The systems of the Fiat Multipla.


Detail of table with analysis of the controls inside the car, Click on the picture to enlarge.


The following step was to think how would be applied political systems in the Multipla within its current internal design. This was made answering common questions that exist in a collective car trip accordingly to different political logics:

Detail of table with relevant questions of a car experience and a speculation of how they would be answered accordingly to different political systems. Click on the picture to enlarge.


:: sketches of political systems inside the car
We did some sketches, trying to stimulate critical approach to the design of the car, going beyond the design for individual users or the design of the object itself. Looking the interior of the car as a social space where behaviors and hierarchies are shaped by the design decisions.

After this step, we selected two sketches and did video scenarios to enhance the communication of the concept. To see the movies, click on the images at the right side bar of this page.

Some possible political conformations of the car interior:

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Video Scenarios

"Bush - Democracy"
 Mov (aprox.
7,4 Mb)


"Mussolini - Fascism"
 Mov (aprox. 5,3 Mb)














Power is an important factor for the interactions among ethnocultural communities. Whether they are to be ones of segregation, or assimilation, or harmony, this depends a lot on their relation with power. According to most theories, power is the control on the behaviour of someone else. To exercise power over someone is to make him/her act irrelevant of his/her own will or interest. As far as the social forms of power are concerned, in the typical case this control involves the legitimacy of  an use of force, if necessary. So, the monopoly over political power of one community “at the expense” of another is a prerequisite for cultural discrimination or assimilation of the group in the inferior position. On the contrary, if power is shared in a more or less just way by two or more ethnocultural communities, this is a situation, favourable for the development of  truly multicultural society. Dr.Plamen Makariev
Sofia University






Interaction Design Institute Ivrea Belmer Negrillo see personal portfolio at